Dora Blume


Enchanted by the Enemy

By Dora Blume

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Skyler’s life is falling apart. 

A year ago, her father was killed by his mark. Not having any choice, she borrowed money from a loan shark to pay for funeral expenses. After missing a payment, the loan is due, in full. The tips she makes aren’t going to cut it. 

A mysterious man comes to the bar, offering a deal to get her the money. But she has to do what she promised her father she never would, take a job as a bounty hunter. 

Her attraction to the man has her unnerved as she agrees to the job. When she throws him several feet in anger without ever touching him, she panics. Discovering she’s a mage throws her life in chaos as she’s hunted by warlocks. Her mysterious man is one of them. 

Kaira, another mage, and her sister, helps her unravel the world she didn’t know existed. Now, she has to decide if she can trust the man who’s supposed to be her enemy. 

Read the second gripping installment of the Enchanted by the Craft Series. 





Series Titles

  • The Enchanted Crossroad
  • Enchanted by the Enemy- Releasing in August
  • Enemy Enchanted- Short story- releasing in Hate to Love Box Set August 12th
  • Enchanted by the Earth- Releasing in October
  • Enchanted by the Spirit- Releasing in December
  • The Enchanted Fall- Releasing February 2020

The Enchanted Crossroads

Born into another world, Kaira must make an impossible choice.

Kaira lived an ordinary life until the night she was attacked. Leif, the mysterious man she met in the bar, saved her. He won’t leave her side as she grapples with being a Mage, who is hunted by morrigans.

Born a descendant of the Goddess, Hecate, she discovered she is key to ending the God Morrigan’s destruction of Mages. The descendants are the world’s only hope for killing the God Morrigan.

Will she chose to be hunted for the rest of her life for being a Mage, or give up the man she loves to go back to her normal life?

Read the gripping first installment of the Enchanted by the Craft series.

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“I’m a marvelous cook, love.” Haskell beamed as he slid scrambled eggs onto three plates. “I hope you like eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls.” He smiled as he set a full plate in front of me.

“Wow, this is amazing.” I looked at the food, eyes wide.

Haskell smirked, “That’s what all the ladies say about me.” He winked and set a glass of juice in front of Leif and me.

“Haskell, do you think you could tone it down. It’s a little early for the innuendos.” Leif scratched the dark stubble on his chin before taking a drink of juice.

“It’s never too early for innuendos. Right, love?” He turned his gaze to me.

“I guess not.” I shrugged and took a bite of crispy bacon. I closed my eyes as I savored the taste. Oh, it had been so long since I cooked myself a decent breakfast.

“I love how much you’re enjoying having my meat in your mouth.” Haskell smirked at me. I moaned as I took another bite of the crispy bacon.

“Haskell!” Leif scolded.

“You’re just jealous she’s enjoying my meat and not yours.” He chuckled and turned back to the stove.

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