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Demons are possessing innocent people.
It’s up to the Shikari to stop them.

Born into the world of demon hunters, Sloane must rejoin her family to fight the demons that are threatening to destroy the world.

Fleeing after her mother’s death, it’s hard to face the father she still suspects of her murder. How will she put the past behind her to help her brother save the world?

What would you sacrifice to save the ones you love?

Sloane has a powerful gift, it’s the reason she’s been running from her father for years. But he’s caught up to her and is pleading for her help.

Sloane holds the key to saving the Shikari and the world from demons. But the cost may be too great to bear.

The suspicion around her mother’s murder still haunts her. When she agrees to help, it’s to find answers. Could her father have betrayed them all?

Desperate to find out the truth once and for all, she agrees to fight the demons taking over Minneapolis. But in the process, will she find the life she’s been missing? How will she handle what she discovers?

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Students have gone missing.

Shikari hunters are dispatched to investigate.

Demons are possessing them en masse.

Sloane and Erik fly immediately to Colorado to find out what’s going on at the most prominent Shikari training school in the United States. Demons are threatening the next generation of demon hunters. The headmaster is possessed and is recruiting new students to possess them all. Erik, Sloane and gang must find a way to stop him before he cripples the next generation of demon fighters.

When one of their own is threatened, Sloane and Erik move heaven and hell to save them.

Will they be able to save the students and their friend before it’s too late?

Read the second installment of The Shikari series because it will have you on the edge of your seat. Strap in and enjoy the ride.

In the world of the Shikari, all hell is breaking loose.


Demon’s have taken over the order.

Every city is being overrun. 

But the gang is going in search of one of their own.

Let someone else save the world for a change

Jessie’s mom is missing. In their search for her, they come across the device that can take away all Shikari powers. It slips through their fingers and the entire Shikari’s survival is at stake.

But Who can they trust?

Never figuring out who killed their mother, Sloane and Erik are out for answers. Their father’s don’t seem to be adding up and his cowardice is making them suspicious. Their going to need their bonds and gifts more than ever. How will they save Jessie’s mom, stop the demons from killing them all, and discover who’s behind their mother’s death while also keeping their relationships in tact?

Life as a Shikari warrior is far too complicated some days. Hopefully, sooner rather than later, it won’t be.

If you love K.F. Breene and Lindsey Hall, you’ll love this fast-paced urban fantasy series.

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