Dora Blume


Writing is a crazy endeavor.

Especially when I choose to write about my own life. I feel better when I call it fiction.

This has never been more true than this week. I’m getting feedback on my soon to be new release. I based the main character on myself. Well, me in high school at least. I wasn’t surprised by the feedback I’ve received. I found it hilarious. Mostly because I find all the wrong things to be funny.

They hate her. I mean really hate her. One woman even said she hopes she dies.

I stopped and went well, apparently I should’ve taken a different path in life. I don’t think that’s what Frost meant by the two paths but maybe. Not sure death would be the path less traveled though since we all get there, eventually. I digress.

Again, I find humor in all the wrong things. I’m not sure I should find it funny that someone, who’s never met me wishes me dead, but I do. Made me think I should write more about myself. So, I have decided to write two more books about my life.

Small Town Hustler which would be about my life in college. Which for me spans about eight years. I am a philosophy major and enjoy learning things so I took the maximum number of credits I could and get financial aid. I also have three graduate degrees.

Whiskey and Bad Decisions will be the next and will be my life in college and after because I’m still drinking whiskey, Jameson particularly, and making bad decisions. (I believe bad decisions are the best kind.)

I have to admit it’s fun to read other’s thoughts on my writing. I wish I had the opportunity to engage with more readers. So, if you have read my books or blog and want to chat, leave a comment or find me on Facebook. I’d love to hear what you think. Even if you found me to be an evil human being. I will probably agree with you. I would like to say that I’ve grown up since high school but in many ways I have not.

I think I’ll have another drink.


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