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  • Title: The Enchanted Crossroads
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Cover Designer: M.B. Martin of MBM Designs
  • Release Date: May 16th

Born into another world, Kaira must make an impossible choice.

Kaira is taken home, after an uneventful evening out, by a mysterious man. How can she be this attracted to a guy she just met? When she’s attacked in her apartment, he uses his powers to save her.

She’s being hunted by Morrigans (warlocks). Leif refuses to leave her side. He tries to help her navigate her new world. She wants to go back to her normal life, but Leif is too tempting.

Born a descendent of the Goddess, Hecate, she discovers she is key to ending the God Morrigan’s destruction of Mages. A cause personal to Leif, after losing his parents to Morrigans. Kaira and the descendents are their only hope for killing the God Morrigan.

Is she willing to give up her whole life for the cause? Would she give up Leif to go back to her normal life?

Read the gripping first installment of the Enchanted by the Craft Series




In a world ravaged by demons,

sacrifice is necessary…

When Minneapolis, MN is ravaged by demons, Erik is forced to go to his sister, Sloane for help. Sloane wants to live a normal life in Minneapolis and forget she was ever born a Shikari warrior. Erik would defy his father before he’d ever admit to needing help.

Five years ago, their mother was murdered due to a vicious betrayal by one of their own. Sloane swore she’d never hunt demons again. Erik is more determined than ever to kill them. Both must put their past aside to save the city.

Secrets known only to the Shikari have been revealed.

Have they been betrayed by their own family?

Sloane and Erik are forced to work together to discover the truth and stop anyone else from being killed.

Will they be able to put their past aside to save the city and everyone they love?

You’ll love this urban fantasy for it’s thrilling suspense and because everyone likes to go on a quest to save the ones they love.


Bree is starting her first year at Luther College. Excited to start the year with her long-time boyfriend Cam, she has no idea how her life is about to change.

Alexander has been a vampire since the reign of King Louis XIV. His past has haunted him since the King killed his family over three-hundred years ago. He cursed his life and swore he’d never condemn another to live this wretched existence.

Everything changed when he saw her. She was perfect and he wanted to possess her. He stalked her, making certain before he joined them forever.

Little did Bree know, she’d become the infatuation of a vampire. He kidnapped her and took her human life from her. He was blissful when she joined him. He shared his history of how his family was put to death by the King for treason and his own transformation. After he’d become a vampire he took his own revenge, killing every member of the king’s family before finally coming for the king himself.

Bree tried to sneak away to see Cam, who she still loved, knowing that Alexander will kill him if she’s caught.

Will she manage to keep her secret from both of them or will she lose the only man she’s ever loved?

Haunted By a Moment

One moment, four lives changed forever.

Blinding fluorescents wake Kat, she’s in the hospital. Oh my God what have I done.

The accident still a blur, she tries to recover from her injuries.

Three other friends were in the car with her. Will they survive?

Kat’s life as been irrevocably changed forever.

Kip and Kat have been together since they were thirteen but there’s always been a lingering threat, his cancer. Kip begins feeling tired all the time and has little energy to hang out with Kat anymore. All tell-tale signs that his leukemia has returned.

Flashbacks to happier times are all that Kat has to help keep the darkness of depression from overtaking her. How much can one seventeen year old girl take?

On top of it all, the local sheriff pays Kat a visit to explain the criminal charges for the car accident. She can’t even remember what exactly happened but the police think they have everything to charge her.

Facing possible criminal charges for the accident and worried for her boyfriend, Kat’s own strength is wavering. She begins making bad decisions. Everyone tries to reach her before she does something she can never take back. Will Kat’s cry for help be answered before it’s too late?

The Hunt is On!

FSF Readers Lounge Presents its first ever Solstice Scavenger Hunt. Running from June 16th to June 29th – 19 authors joined forces to offer readers a chance at $75 cash via PayPal and 19 eBooks as a Grand Prize! 38 secondary prizes (an eBook from one of our participating authors) will be given to randomly chosen participants with the correct answer.

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The Summer Solstice represents the onset of summer – or also known as Mid-Summer, Litha, or St. John’s Day. While we all celebrate in different ways and for different reasons, it’s definitely a well-known time to celebrate! The Winter Solstice represents the onset of winter – or also known as Yule. No matter where in the world you are, there is a solstice upon you!

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Kasper Beaumont
PJ MacLayne
D.L. Gardner
Katie Cherry
Dora Blume
Odin Oxthorn
Charity Bradford
Eileen Schuh
Noelle Nichols
Alison Lyke
Mae Baum
Melinda Kucsera
Cheryllynn Dyess
Stacy Overby

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