Dora Blume


A skilled homicide detective, A mysterious murder, A vampire who will do anything to stay in the shadows.. 

Hope is a skilled detective. When she delves  into a mysterious case, Reed offers his assistance. Too bad, he’s the one who is hell-bent on covering everything up. When she uncovers evidence linking Reed to the crime, he kidnaps her before she can reveal his secret. He’s a vampire. 

Now Hope has landed on the vampire council’s radar. Her skills become a curse as the council  decides  she’d make a great addition to the Raven vampire assassins. But before she can join their ranks she’ll need to be trained in the art of war. 

Her betrayer has become her trainer, and her life is in his hands. Will she be able to put her hatred aside to save her life? 

Find out in this thrilling urban fantasy series.

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Haunted By a Moment

One moment, four lives changed forever.

Blinding fluorescents wake Kat, she’s in the hospital. Oh my God what have I done.

The accident still a blur, she tries to recover from her injuries.

Three other friends were in the car with her. Will they survive?

Kat’s life as been irrevocably changed forever.

Kip and Kat have been together since they were thirteen but there’s always been a lingering threat, his cancer. Kip begins feeling tired all the time and has little energy to hang out with Kat anymore. All tell-tale signs that his leukemia has returned.

Flashbacks to happier times are all that Kat has to help keep the darkness of depression from overtaking her. How much can one seventeen year old girl take?

On top of it all, the local sheriff pays Kat a visit to explain the criminal charges for the car accident. She can’t even remember what exactly happened but the police think they have everything to charge her.

Facing possible criminal charges for the accident and worried for her boyfriend, Kat’s own strength is wavering. She begins making bad decisions. Everyone tries to reach her before she does something she can never take back. Will Kat’s cry for help be answered before it’s too late?

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